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Family house for sale in Jakubovice - Zabreh - Sumperk - near Olomouc, Brno

Property price: 48.000 Euro

family house for sale near Brno    Brno property
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House with garden for sale in the village of Jakubovice in the skiing resort area of Sumperk.

Family house for sale, in the beautiful Moravian countryside village of Jakubovice,
in the skiing resort area of Sumperk. Great for winter skiing, relaxing summer vacations,
a holiday home, a second home or as an investment.

Also ideal for anyone who works in Brno, Olomouc or elsewhere in Moravia and is either
looking for a house to use as home or even a getaway place during the week-ends and holidays.

Can also be used to rent out during winter to tourists.

Jakubovice is also a few miles from the Polish border,
so cheaper shopping and petrol are only a short drive distant.

Property specs:
The house is very spacious, and composed of 2 floors.
The the ground floor has been completely renovated and reconstructed, with
new floors throughout, new electrical wiring, new plumbing and new heating.
It has a new bathroom, new internal walls, new floor to ceiling windows and doors.
Underfloor heating in the corridor.
It has the facility for an internet connection.

Basically all the ground floor needs is a coat of paint and is ready to be lived in.

The upper floor still needs further renovation, and can be made
into at least 2 separate apartments.

The garden is about 400 sq. m with many mature apple trees.

The property owner is English, who bought the property whilst she was
teaching English in Brno, with the idea of using it as a weekend / holiday home.

Due to starting up a business in the UK, she moved back there and is now selling the property.


Map location of Jakubovice house for sale: [ all images open in a new browser window ]

Where in the Czech Rep. Near Olomouc Near Sumperk
Near Pisarov Aerial view Jakubovice village view
  map of Jakubovice  
  House view in Jakubovice  


More images of house for sale near Olomouc - Moravia

The house is all made of brick, and has been renewed substantially
  family house for sale near Brno

The ground floor has newly placed floor to ceiling sliding windows and doors

  Brno property

The garden is spacious, has a few remaining wooden sheds, some giant pine trees on the perimeter with mature apple trees in the garden itself

The bathroom is brand new with a rustical arch-shaped brick ceiling, new tiled flooring, giant bath, wall-bar radiator heating, toilet etc
  holiday home for sale in Moravia
All windows on the ground floor
are new, with double glazing.
The house is surrounded by greenery, trees and fields.
  czech house for sale
Another view from the garden.
The outside still needs a coat of paint.
  Brno real estate opportunity
The ground floor is very spacious and heating is available in all rooms

A wood stove in the main living room for
offers e pleasant option to the gas heating.

This is a temporary ladder to the upper floor, where presumably the new owner would place a stairway or leave the top closed before any further reconstruction work.  
This is just before we arrive at the house which is on the right after the next bend. The structure on the left is a small holy chapel.  
Another view of the area.  

A view of the house from the road bellow.

The brown door is actually the outside entrance to the cellar, which is partially under the house itself, and partially under the garden.

A view from the house.  
A view from the field
across the road by the house
The road from house leading
towards the village centre.
The upper floor  
From house to field and hills view  
Another view from the road  
More upper floor views.
The walls, roof and floors are in good shape but some reconstruction would be needed to make the upper floor livable.
More upper floor views  
More upper floor views  
From gate view  
The lower part of the village  
A view in winter  
More winter  
More in winter  
The old chapel in winter from the lower part of the road.  
Winter fields  

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